Made Hot

OUR Team

Meet your future wellness and love gurus

Your journey to becoming a self-love warrior, embracing your sexuality and prioritizing your mental, physical and emotional health starts now. However, starting that journey is often the most difficult part. That’s where Made Hot comes in.

We’ve teamed up with a diverse group of expert coaches and professionals to provide our members with holistic content, resources, training and more. Their expertise includes self-care life coaching, love and relationship coaching, healing, yoga and mindset training.

Jenna Switzer

Holistic Sex Coach & Pelvic Floor Specialist

Aren Bahia

Entrepreneur, Speaker & Coach

Rena Martine

Women's Intimacy Expert

Elena Rossi

Female Libido Specialist, Pelvic Trauma-Release Therapist & Sex Toy Designer

Brian Kelly

Certified Breath & Mental Health Coach

Taryn Jade

Mind & Body Healing

Aaron Kleinerman

Transformational Tantra Teacher, Male Embodiment Coach & Lead Male Teacher, Embodied Awakening Academy

Kim Mellor

Manifestation Coach

Brandon Groux

Life Coach & Revelation Breathwork Facilitator

Nathalie Sommer

Certified Relationship and Intimacy Coach, Womb Healer & Transformation Coach

Sascha Haert

Human Exchange Expert & Relationship Coach

Julia Lally

Sex Power & Relationships Coach

Shawna Ventimiglia

Empowerment Coach & Yoga and Meditation Instructor

Are you a passionate mental health, sex or relationship professional?

We’re looking for experts like you to join us in our mission to enhance the mental health, sexual health, relationship health and overall wellbeing of others.