Meet our Coach, Jenna Switzer

Maia & Malu are so excited to have Made Hot coach, Jenna Switzer on Made Hot on Mic today!

Jenna is a Bali-based sex coach guru and pelvic floor specialist. Starting as a yoga instructor, Jenna was always interested in the yang focus of anatomy, biomechanics, and how it opened the door to connect with our body in different ways. It was really her love of movement, movement in the body, and her own trauma healing, that led her to pursue a career in sex & pelvic floor coaching.

In this episode, we discuss:

  • Jenna’s passion teaching folks about the pelvis and how it’s connected to our traumas, emotions, and lived experiences

  • How Jenna’s permanent move to Bali during the pandemic allowed her to fully shake the old versions of herself & create a new identity for herself

  • How better understanding her anatomy & connection to her body, breath, and movement allowed her to have better (& more!) orgasms, and to teach others how to do the same

  • The importance of deepening your sexual experiences with yourself!

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