How to make work & life choices that will begin to align you with your happiest self

  • Don’t do anything just because you can, or because it’s what you’ve always done that bores you. Give yourself permission to seek out new ways, new ideas, new hobbies, new paths, new inspirations. Often looking at what most scares you is a good place to start. Let thrilling fears surface. Living these will start changing your life.
  • Stop doing anything you don’t love/ like. Spend less time investing overall and wisely invest your time instead. Do less, but be more involved.
  • Don’t do or be anything only because other people/society says ‘you should’. Feel out what aligns for you personally. Do that! Or compromise in between.
  • Don’t do anything because you are afraid of doing something else which you actually dream to do, but may scare you. Take little steps that bring you closer to your dreaming.
  • Don’t say no to anything just because you don’t believe in yourself. Imagine what you’d tell a friend in the same situation, encourage yourself in the same way. Try, even fail, and if so try again, or try something else. What’s worse is to never take a chance at all. Trust it will still give you something, and lead you somewhere new. Be honest, with yourself, then share your truth with the people around you with a warm heart, allowing your truths to change again. This helps you to live authentically and grow. Keeping you engaged in your own life.

  • When conversing, notice if you feel the subject giving to you, or taking from you? If it takes, change it. Pay extra attention to the subjects that light you up and you could talk about all day long, there is the door leading you to your passion. Many still ask “what do I want to do in life?” Here is the easiest way to reveal that, in day-to-day life, with the help of others!

    Question yourself, then answer yourself. You should be the person you talk most with every day. We are ever changing, growing and evolving. Let this be a method used to keep getting to know the new you.. it might even become what is shaping the new you.
    Our most valuable relationship is with ourself so start investing more in yourself.
    As we say here at Made Hot ‘only you can do you. We are all here to help, but it’s you who must do the work!’

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