Lay in your love with Taryn Jade

Podcast episode #3

To quote the famous Haddaway song, “What is love?”

Really, though—most people have a difficult time describing what love actually is. Love is hard to describe, because it’s a feeling (and something we all feel, experience, and define differently!)

One of the biggest misconceptions about what love is, is that it’s a feeling that comes from an outside source. That we need to seek it externally to really experience it. But the truth? The feeling, or sensation, of love is not something that can be outsourced. That spark and light comes from INSIDE of you.

Mind-blowing stuff, right?!

In this episode, Maia, Malu and Made Hot Mind, Body, & Healing worker, Taryn Jade, have an open conversation about an exercise Taryn likes to call “Lay In Your Own Love,” a practice in self-love to bring more awareness to the love, time, and attention you not only give to others, but to yourself—because your love is a precious gift!

We cover:

  • The root cause of our feelings on love

  • The dangers of relying on others to light up our own love & feelings

  • The benefits of practicing how to ‘lay in your own love’

  • Why it’s so hard for humans to love ourselves

  • The realities of building a strong, loving relationship with yourself

  • And more!

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