Do your feelings run you? Ft Taryn Jade

Have you ever stopped what you’re doing to actually recognize, acknowledge, and feel your feelings as they arise, or are you pushing them aside (knowingly or unknowingly)?

This is an incredibly common thing for humans to do: to bypass the experience of actually feeling our feelings and continue in with our day like nothing ever happened. This might provide you some comfort in the moment, but what is it doing to us in the long run?

Maya & Malou sit back down with Made Hot on Mic seasoned guest & coach, Taryn Jade, to explore:

The difference between the thinking kind & the feeling body

How to practice actually feeling your emotions & creating or finding a safe space to do so

The process of regaining power over your feelings & what happens when you allow yourself to feel them

How to translate those feelings into clear action steps for you to move forward

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