Made Hot


We’re in this together

This is Made Hot, a common ground for individuals collectively dedicated to improving their mental health, enhancing their relationships and reawakening their sexual power. A supportive space like this has never existed — until now.

A mission inspired by

We’re Maia and Malu, twin sisters in our 40s who have experienced tragedies of all magnitudes including the loss of a spouse and the demise of big relationships. We’re best friends now but there was a time when our relationship was severed for an entire decade. Through late-night phone calls, texts and many tears, we were able to confront our feelings and become the close-knit family we are today.

Through the process of reconnecting, many of our conversations centered around mental and sexual health. We realized how common it was for individuals to lack joy, self-love, mindfullness, great sex and all the incredible benefits that come along with achieving those things. So we identified a common problem, but what was missing was a trusted resource for others to receive support through these shared life hurdles. We didn’t want anyone to miss out on the opportunity to lead a fulfilling life—not if we had anything to say about it, at least.

With that, Made Hot was born

We knew from that point on that it was our duty to create a resource that allowed individuals to hone their personal development in a safe and encouraging environment.

Meet Malu

Hey, Malu here! I experienced an abusive and controlling relationship and lost sight of myself through the trauma of it all. Now on the other side, I’ve been lucky enough to rediscover who I am. I reached my lowest point physically, mentally and emotionally during that toxic relationship, but once I was able to break free and reconnect with my sister, my life finally started to change.

As I worked towards improving my health, my confidence and sense of womanhood was revitalized along with it.

Meet Maia

Hi! I’m Maia. As I worked through the sorrow of my scarring lived experiences, I became more interested in educating myself on trauma, processing emotions, breathing techniques, tapping and channeling energy. This dedication to education paired with the birth of a new, loving relationship encouraged me to explore sexual wellness and exposed me to a whole new world of intimacy!

Our Shared Mission

While we’re passionate about changing the lives of others, we’re equally passionate about destigmatizing conversations around mental and sexual health. Our mission is to equip people of all genders and sexualities around the world with the tools and resources to become the best version of themselves.

Master self-love and relationship connections